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Until the average wage increase, we will work together to achieve greater balance.

About Us

Our President

Dannialle Carr


Determined, compassionate, energetic woman, who believes change does begin with one person. 

Our Story

A woman overcame drug addiction, survived a bad marriage, and was working two jobs. One job for rent, the other to pay her childcare provider, utility bills, and car insurance. She was unexpectedly laid off from her second job. Even if she asked herself " Are there any non profit organizations near me " there would have been none to help quickly enough. She paid the sitter instead of the car insurance. She got into a car accident with no insurance. She had achieved so much only to be wiped out, by an unexpected life event.  The realization struck, there was a group of citizens in our community who were not being represented. These families are one paycheck away from being impoverished. The woman's experience is common for those in the community who do not quality for any type of state or government  assistance. These clients are vulnerable to life’s unexpectedness.  Above the poverty line, yet not financially stable enough to withstand any kind of emergency.  This crisis was the reason Greater Balance Foundation was formed.  We are a non profit organization in the process of obtaining our 501(C)(3). 

Vision and Mission

We are dedicated to empowering communities through offering nonprofit evening childcare and lending financial assistance to those who work hard yet struggle financially. 

Here at Greater Balance Foundation our goal is to create a bridge over stressful life situations, by lending assistance to those in need at their most challenging time.


Sign up become one of our contributors for $25.00 a month. These contributions help with client's expenses. Join us in helping those who are underserved. Your donations help with childcare, transportation, household budgeting courses, financial assistance, computer classes and self esteem groups. We are excited to welcome you. Soon all donations will be tax deductible. Thank you.

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email us a greaterbalance@gmail.com

Greater Balance Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization. We keep our doors open by fundraising and donations. Please donate to give hope to those who do help themselves, but sometimes the unexpected does occur. Please send donations to address below. Make checks, money orders payable to Greater Balance Foundation. Thank you.

Greater Balance Foundation

632 Irwin Street, Anchorage, Alaska 99508, United States


We are a growing foundation, please unite and grow with us.

Alaska Entity #10051776

Alaska Business License #1053875

Support our mission

Your contributions will enable us to meet our goal of applying for our 501 (C) (3) status. We will be able to help those who are often overlooked when it comes to assistance. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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