Innovative Childcare

A childcare for the community, made possible by the community, and other caring contributors.  

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The Vision

A survey done by Bright Horizons Consultants revealed, more than 100,000 employees in various occupations had unresolved childcare issues. These issues held back many working parents from reaching their highest potential. A widespread problem in the United States, is parents who work outside the normal course of business hours and can not afford childcare. Child care for one child is expensive, if you have two or more children the cost is astonishing.  Care is expense, now factor in cost of care after traditional work hours. 

After hour childcare is not new. Normally, close friends or family members were designated to care for children whose parents worked evenings.  Most do not have the luxury of a trusted friend or family member to care for their children, while they work nights. Perhaps new to town or lived in the same community for years, it is merely not an option. Picture, a licensed childcare in the community, open after traditional daycare hours. 

A childcare for the community, made possible by the community, and other caring contributors.  Every attendant has undergone an extensive background check to ensure the children’s safety, the center is open from 4:30 pm until Midnight and weekends.  Does this sound farfetched? Not at all, the center is non-profit. Imagine how many members of the community would benefit from this childcare center. 

With community help and effort, this can be a reality. Communities outside the US are already doing what Greater Balance is proposing. Time to begin making steps to help our children, who are our future. We can do this by assisting parents who cannot afford evening and weekend childcare. 

Knowing your child is being cared for by qualified staff members who have undergone an extensive background check gives parents a sense of security.  This knowledge creates less stress for parents. Parents can concentrate on work, not concern for children.  More productivity, safe environment for child and positive impact on the community. 

Join us and by becoming a contributor.

Help Greater Balance Foundation assist those who work hard to succeed, yet run into obstacles. Given the opportunity and resources each members of the community can have the American dream.

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