Greater Balance Foundation September 2017 Newsletter


How many people do you know are juggling bills? According to the Federal Government 47 percent of the respondents could not pay a $400.00 emergency. (page 1)


Our goal is to become a household name in the community. Setting up nonprofit childcare centers in each neighborhood. Offer financial assistance, self esteem groups, transportation and budgeting classes. (page 1)


Meet our caring team members. Introduction to the members in the organization. Each offer a unique perspective, to help accomplish Greater Balance's mission. Learn who we are, full team bio's. (page 3)


Greater Balance was created to fill a gap in the community. Join us on FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin under Greater Balance. We have made it easy to donate with our donate now button. (page 5)


We began in February, we have taken great leaps and strides. There were a few disappointments. We shall not give up. The future of our children and communities depend upon what we are doing.


Feel free to ask any questions. We are here to serve the community. A little humor and for your information. (Back page)

GB September 2017 Newsletter page 1

Lets Talk Statistics

According to an article written by Neal Gabler in The Atlantic in 2016, most middle-class Americans are ashamed to admit they struggle financially each month. In the article it states, The Federal Government asked respondents, how they would pay for a $400 emergency. The answer: 47 percent of respondents said that either they would cover the expense by borrowing or selling something, or they would not be able to come up with the $400 at all. Greater Balance Foundation was created to help in such life crisis.

Our Position

Here at Greater Balance Foundation our goal is to create a bridge over stressful life situations, by lending assistance to those in need at their most challenging time. Greater Balance Foundation would like to offer childcare for military and civilian families in the evening. Operating hours would be from 4:30 p.m. till 12:00 a.m. Some children would be allowed to stay longer, in special circumstances. The funds would be used to screen potential providers and lease homes in communities and set up childcare centers. We would also offer financial assistance to help pay occasional automobile payments, repairs, rent, mortgages, any unexpected financial crisis. The community will benefit from the employment opportunities the organization create.  

Reality Check

Alaskan’s come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Working, playing hard doing their best to live healthy, fulfilling lives. Alaska’s icy, slippery conditions increase the likelihood of becoming incapacitated for an extended period. The average Alaskan lives with the reality of being one pay check away from poverty. Some work outside the normal Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm work week. Often these members of the community require childcare outside of the normal course of the business day, yet do not earn enough money to pay. What about those who are sick, without time to cover missed hours, or losing your needed second job, reduced hours. Those with incomes slightly over the poverty level have no resources to help them during these life altering situations.  

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Now is the time

  Greater Balance was created to fill a need in the community for those who earned slightly over the poverty level. The business license and entity number were obtained in February 2017. Face Book, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts were published. Our website was created with the convenience of a donate now button to make giving easier. Greater Balance’s first annual Bar B Que Fundraiser was held in June. A local contracting Service donated the groceries to make the side dishes. Bank employees donated personal funds to help our cause. Members of the community also donated. Greater Balance Foundation is setting a new path for the future. Once fully operational many families will benefit from the childcare centers and financial support provided.  

Goals and objective

  Greater Balance Foundation is an Anchorage, Alaska nonprofit organization. Our first goal is to become a 501 c 3 tax status. We aspire to become a household name and expand into other states. Serving members in communities, throughout the United States. Our mission is to aid individuals, who possess little support when it comes to financial resources. Our top priority is to provide childcare in the evening, equipped with surveillance cameras allowing parents to check on their children from work. Safe, affordable evening childcare is crucial to future generations. Our objective is to become to working America, what the Red Cross is to disaster victims. Greater Balance Foundation is dedicated to making humanity the new trend. Please, join us.  

We Offer

  Evening Child care, Financial Assistance, Computer courses, Self Esteem groups, Transportation services.

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Our Board of Directors

  Dannialle Carr, President is primary spokesperson for Greater Balance. She is responsible for all business affairs, working in partnership with the Board of Directors helping to fulfill Greater Balance’s mission. Rachel Williams the Secretary is a licensed counselor with 20 years’ experience. She records the official notes and ensures the Board of Directors follow the legal laws, and all actions are recorded during meetings. Carmen Thomas is Vice President, under the direction of the President, she handles recruiting and developing responsibilities of volunteers in the day-to-day activities of Greater Balance. Tyler Thomas is Treasurer, she handles collections, disbursements, and bookkeeping, providing full financial reports when requested.    

Together We Succeed

Our unique blend of professionals and talent ensure all aspects of the foundation is running smoothly. The different perspectives on life, create the perfect atmosphere to enhance and utilize all Greater Balance Foundation services. We have five positions open for new members. We will be advertising soon. We look forward to welcoming new talent.


  Dannialle Carr enrolled in the Alaska Business College in 1987. She wanted to create a better life for her infant son. She received a Legal Secretarial Diploma in 1988, unfortunately her typing speed made it difficult to be competitive in the field. After graduation, she worked as Secretary at a property management company. While volunteering at Victims for Justice in 1994, she was offered a temporary position. In 1994 using accounting skills gained at the Business College, she advanced to becoming a Secretary/Bookkeeper for a fabrication shop. Today she is an inducted member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, employed as a Financial Consultant at a Community Health Clinic, and attends the University of Alaska part-time majoring in Human Services. Dannialle understands the value of working hard to achieve and never giving up.  

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Vice President

 Carmen Thomas wanted to make a difference in her community. After attending University of Alaska for three years, she enrolled into the Alaska Career College. At ACC she received a Certified Medical Assistant Diploma in 2013. She vowed to make a difference, currently fulfilling this mission in her current role of Personal Assistant, helping those who are ailing and have no means of support during their most venerable time of need. She also works with children within the community, creating and implementing before and after school programs services.     


 Tyler Thomas is no stranger to struggle. She struggled in High School, yet managed to graduate in 2011, and attended the University of Alaska for 3 years. Upon deciding helping was a part of her nature, she enrolled in Alaska Career College. At ACC she received a Certified Medical Assistant Diploma in 2014. She is Currently employed as a Sales Associate where she has been trained to be a manager. Possessing a strong business sense and passion for numbers, she will be returning to the University in Fall of 2018 to major in Business. Tyler is willing to work hard assisting those, who want to accomplish yet stumble along the way.  


 Rachel Williams encountered many obstacles growing up, in the 70’s family abuse and dysfunction was not openly discussed. As an adult, she was determined to help those suffering in silence. Working as a QA Manager, with 20 years’ experience in the nonprofit field has given her the leverage to help those, who often go unheard. Armed with an Associates in Human Services and working towards her Bachelors in psychology, she is honoring that commitment. No more suffering in silence, Rachel is aiding young women in finding their voice, enabling them to grow spiritually and mentally.  

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JUNE 2017

This summer Greater Balance Foundation got off to a great start. Our first annual Bar B Q fundraiser was held June 10th and 11th. The food was donated by Crouts Contracting Services. Catering by Touch of Rome's.

JULY 2017

July held a bit of disappointment, our Movie Night Basket Raffle was cancelled, due to unforeseen issues. Fortunately, all was not lost, thanks to a generous donation from Kelly Jackson, Greater Balance Foundation did not suffer. 


Our first quarterly Board Meeting was held August 8th. We reflected on how far we have come, and where we would like to be in the next year. We registered with Angel Investors, and posted on The National Society Of Leadership And Success, Facebook page and Twitter. 

GB September 2017 Newsletter page 6

From the Editor's Desk

If you have any questions, comments or would like to drop us a line, feel free to contact me at We will be adding recipes and budgeting tips in our October newsletter. This is an exciting time for the Foundation, we are creating ways to promote change. Thanks for all of your support. If you haven't already, follow Greater Balance on Twitter and Facebook.

D. Carr


These boards symbolize our new foundation. You see many pieces, not much of value. The value is there, just not easily observed. It may be difficult to put these pieces together. Greater Balance is prepared for the challenge.


With patients, effort and dedication, we know it is possible to create the desired outcome. Greater Balance is determined to provide affordable evening childcare and help those who occasionally require financial assistance. 

Our Mission

We are dedicated to empowering communities through offering nonprofit evening childcare and lending occasional financial assistance to those who work hard yet occasionally struggle financially.

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